In this article we will be looking at how automating your business processes through digital transformation will propel you into the future.

This is the most disruptive time our business community has probably ever encountered. Some industries have completely lost their customer base, however the question we all need to ask is, what will my business look like in the future?

Never before has there been such an urgent need for all businesses to go as digital as possible. That may be moving from a physical shop to an online Ecommerce store. But it will also mean looking at your business systems from beginning to end. Every business will have a different journey.


Digital Automation will be the key for most to ensure you can emerge as a successful business. We are in a situation with the Covid 19 pandemic where the way we live and work has drastically changed. Although current strict measures in NZ and other countries may be temporary the way our society operates could have changed forever.  This means long term  the benefits of automating your systems now will future proof you business for years to come.

By streamlining your business systems through software and software integration you will be able to enable your staff to work more remotely. It will ensure that processes are correctly adhered to and best practice is maintained no matter where everyone is working. This will not only mean you can successfully navigate in this new situation but it will give you a competitive edge in your industry and may even result in a larger market share.

Custom Software

Often truly effective automation can only be done through custom software. Off the shelf products may actually increase time spent on tasks. This is because if they don’t completely streamline a process they may end up adding to it by having to “sticky tape” bits of software together. More human intervention is then needed to make sure the process of using all the different software products is correctly followed. Not to mention the issues if these pieces of software don’t talk to each other! You can end up with double the work!

You may have found yourself frustrated with the ‘off the shelf’ software you already have. There can be a huge number of features that you are not using and many that you still need. Ultimately software that enables your company to automate effectively allows you to ‘work smarter not harder”

Interestingly our customers that have previously been through the automation journey through custom software, cloud applications and integrations have now shown that it does future proof your business. They are all finding the challenges of the current environment easier to navigate and their businesses less impacted. Have a look at some our testimonials.

If you have any questions about how we can help you achieve digital transformation in your business contact us here.

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