New Zealand is a country that is run by small to medium sized businesses. Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting the business or making a purchase with them.

Therefore as a small business, investing in your website is crucial. This is where all your marketing efforts converge. All your efforts that may include inbound content marketing, ads or direct marketing will have the best chance of success if your website provides your customer with the experience and information they need. Customers will often check your website for an overview of your products and services before committing themselves to any other action, including a purchase.

Here at Applicable we are experts in custom website development so we thought we would share some quick things that you can do yourself.

1. Know your data – Track and analyse

If you aren’t already jump on google analytics. This free tool offered by Google will help you to track how many visitors you have and where you are getting them from. It can also give you valuable information about who your customers are so you can more easily target you marketing to them. Google Search Console is another free tool where you can see what keywords you are already ranking for. Now that your set up you can start gathering data on your website traffic and see how your tracking! You may want to then make changes to your website in order to optimise it further.

2. Define your goals

Now that you have some data you can decide on some goals for your website. You may have different goals for different aspects of your conversion strategy. This could range across different products and services and different customer actions such as signing up for something on your website. You can then set up goal conversions in Google Analytics to track how successful you are.

3. Testimonials

Make sure you have a good number of high quality testimonials on your website. Customers will feel you are more trustworthy if they have an idea of how other people experienced your service or product. This will mean they will be more likely to be converted into a lead.

4. Visuals

Visual marketing breaks up your text and makes it easier for your audience to actually read through the entire page and get to your call to action. The more visually appealing your website is the more likely that people with respond to your call to action. There is also more chance people will engage with your content by sharing it on social media etc.

5. Call To Action

One of the most effective ways to get people to engage with your website is to have clear and visable call to action buttons. Known as CTAs. It is benificial to have these on every page so that a user doesn’t have to find the contact page if they are navigating around your site and decide to engage.


There are an infinite number of ways you can optimise your website and we haven’t touch on the nuances of SEO (search engine optimisation ) . But often a few quick changes to your website can give you audience a better experience. If you need some help customising your website further Applicable are always here to help!

We offer free consultations and are experts in our field. Get in touch here.


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