Custom BPM software and cloud applications have many advantages over off the shelf products when automating your business processes. 

Only in rare cases, such as Xero for accountants, does an off the shelf solution handle all your business processes in one integrated package. Most businesses find themselves stringing together an archipelago of products that each handle one area of their business needs. Some of these products are great at what they do, others may be a clumsy fit, but in most cases the biggest issue is their lack of seamless integration. At a certain point businesses often find themselves struggling with the admin load of entering the same data into multiple different software packages, no central point of truth, clumsy export/import processes and a lack of integrated workflow across all areas of the business. These factors usually also result in discrepancies and human error creeping in. By contrast, clients for whom we’ve been a key partner in their digital transformation journey have seen the following benefits.

Lower admin costs

A huge amount of time is often wasted in a business through staff having to move tasks manually between different packages and workflows. For example, you enter something in a core system then email someone else in the business some instructions, then they may or may not reply and perhaps even use some other system when it comes to fulfilment…  all the  little micro roadblocks and inefficiencies of these kind of ad-hoc processes and disjointed systems can really cost your business over time. In general a key business transformation aim is always the elimination of using human time to do repetitive admin tasks that could be automated.

Vast reduction in errors

Every business owner knows that human errors can be costly. The truth is that repetitive accuracy is not a human strength, it’s a machine strength; humans are better at creative, lateral thinking and relational work. Anywhere where the flow of information and coordination relies on people repetitively entering data, performing a mindless task or manually transferring things between systems introduces errors, hold-up’s and at times a complete loss of follow through. Only custom integrations and/or custom software can completely eliminate these kind of problems across an entire business.

Effective remote working

As remote working gains popularity it also presents challenges for businesses. Although staff may be productive at home without constant interruptions, they can easily lose maximum efficiency if you do not have good BPM software in place. As an added advantage, with a customised system you can add various integrated communications within your software. Workflows will also seamlessly flow between the correct people without them having to phone or email each other. This avoids any delays in the process and provides a more seamless customer service.

Enhanced client experience

A business with great processes usually provides a much better client experience simply by handling things quickly and efficiently, without dropping the ball or asking the same question multiple times. However, this can be taken further by putting information and tools directly in the hands of clients, via custom web portals, mobile apps or even just automated notification emails, such as those that the more on-to-it online retailers provide that tell you each step of your order, dispatch and delivery. Client Experience (CX) is increasingly recognised as one of the biggest factors differentiation businesses in the modern environment, and custom software can play a huge role in facilitating great experiences.

Visibility to Management

They say information is power, and it certainly is powerful in its ability to enable business leaders to make the right decisions in timely ways, and to quickly pick up problem areas within a business. Often one of the greatest benefits business leaders personally experience in their working day from great BPM software is feeling like they can really see what’s going on. This is generally through tools such as live dashboards, meaningful up to the minute reports and admin level visibility of workflows.

Higher acceptance of change

When things have always been done a certain manual way, then changing to a new system or software can be a barrier for some staff. Our client Gleeson & Cox hit this problem with their dispatchers until they had a system that really did make their lives simpler and easier. This is the advantage of custom BPM software, you can drive the user experience to meet the exact needs of your staff. You can get their input and ideas and get great buy in to the automation process. When your staff discover that something is actually enjoyable and efficient to use they will much more readily adopt it as part of their daily life. Your workflow software will then have an even greater impact on your business.

At Applicable we have developed many custom workflow systems for clients. They have all ended up with higher efficiency, greater productivity and higher profits from investing in BPM software. If you have any pain points in your business, talk to us today about how we can help your workflow systems through customised software. 


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