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How custom software development can help you pivot your business


In these unprecedented times software development may be the key to pivot your business to meet a new market.

A pivot is essentially a shift in business strategy to test a new approach regarding a business model. There are hundreds of business right now that are having to pivot suddenly in order to deal with the current crises.

Harnessing the power of agile

Agile is a term that is used a lot, and in many different ways. It can be hard to understand exactly what people mean by this. It originally started out as a term used in the custom software development world as a way of developing a product. You work in short burst and then get feedback from the client, then you iterate and continue on in this way. It ensured the end software product was meeting the exact needs of the user as it was tested extensively as it was being developed. This term has now found its way into the business world in different forms. You may of heard of companies currently restructuring in order to become “agile”.

The agile way of working is also now found its way into this new world of increased remote working. With different people working in different ways you may found you have pivoted your business suddenly into this type of structure. You then may find the best way to increase your businesses profitability and efficiency is to build some custom software solutions around this. For example, in order to track productivity levels efficiently we build an extra function into our in house software that shows both managers and staff very quickly how they are tracking.

A new area of business offering

You may find some areas of your business are no longer viable or profitable. You then need to think about your offerings and how you can pivot them to a new more socially distant world. One of our clients – EAP services recognised the need for this instantly and added into their offerings video service. They are now no longer hampered by what effects a  pandemic has on the way people interact.

Automating processes to free up resources

You may find the need to quickly pivot your business in order to become more efficient. Automating work flows through custom software frees up other resources so you can focus on your bottom line. It means that you can offer the highest level of service and even scale up your business.


We love working with businesses to help them be as effective as possible. We know the power of custom software as we have even built our own software tailored to our needs! Have a look here to see what we are about.