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Applicable are experienced NZ App developers based in Auckland. We specialise in custom Android and iOS mobile applications.

There are many reasons why a business may need a mobile application. From mobilising your business processes and streamlining systems to developing a stronger brand presence and a greater customer experience. Gleeson & Cox, one of NZ’s largest bulk haulage companies, found creating a driver App drastically improved their compliance, load optimisation and flow of information. Outcomes included increasing revenue, eliminating fines and reducing admin time.

Great UX

A great user experience (UX) equals great results.

At Applicable we apply modern UX best practice to create apps that feel elegantly simple and intuitive to use, even for people who aren’t big on tech.

Focus on business results

Our apps are not just about cool ideas; we dig deep to understand your objectives and to ensure that we’re building products that will achieve them.

Common results include creating a market advantage, reducing admin costs, increasing staff engagement or improving visibility for management.

Android and IOS specialists

We are experienced in creating cross-platform apps (built in a single code base for deployment to both major platforms) as well as specialised native apps for both iOS and Android platforms where required.

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Example App Projects.


PasifikaTV is an MFAT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) funded initiative aimed at maintaining strong relationships in the Pacific region through various support of their media sector, including satellite content feeds. The app part of this project provides viewers with a quick and convenient access to the content schedule and is designed to be tolerant of poor and intermittent internet connectivity.

Mobile App for IOS and Android


The Amtech Rappid ordering app has provided a key market advantage through greatly enhancing the efficiency and mobility of product ordering for Amtech’s busy medical centre clients. Right from the start it was well received and, with a couple of rounds of user feedback and further UX development, is now bedded in as a must-have tool in the user’s working lives.


Punt for Prizes was a competition app commissioned by Placemakers and centred around Super Rugby, of which they were a key sponsor. The app ran successfully over a number of years, engaging a large audience of rugby fans who enjoyed the game, playing both individually and as groups.

Mobile app development trends


Xpo, who are the largest private provider of trade shows in Australasia, contracted us to build an app to be used by the sales people on trade stands to quickly capture visitors details (by scanning the QR code on people’s lanyards). It also enables the stand holder to set up custom questions for sales people to ask, enables those sales people to note visitor respones and provides on-the-spot eCommerce. This app has now been in commercial use for a number of years and has proven to be a game changer.


One of our early workflow apps, the HPMV calculator, has proven invaluable for ensuring compliance (eliminating overweight fines) and maintaining a clear and automated flow of data for reporting back to NZTA.


This highly sophisticated app has been developed through a few generations of field trials to provide the best workflow for passive fire documentation, both for new construction and survey / remedial work. It uses gestures to pan and zoom and a fast-entry process that utilizes lists of industry data matched by auto-complete. It also allows the user to print compliance labels straight to a portable bluetooth printer and capture photos of work done.


John and the team did a great job with whole range of my projects. They were both very creative and highly responsive.

– Iain McCormick PhD
Executive Coaching Centre Ltd


John and the team did a great job

“John and the team did a great job with whole range of my projects. They were both very creative and highly responsive.”
– by Iain McCormick PhD – Executive Coaching Centre Ltd

The new app looks amazing

“The new app looks amazing, I’ve got it going on my Pixel 4 XL and it works terrific, even in portrait mode, well done.”
– by Rob Wilks – The University of Otago

I’ve gotta say; working thru v2.3 on Truck 47’s tablet I’m impressed.

“I’ve gotta say; working thru v2.3 on Truck 47’s tablet I’m impressed. Looks good, flows smoothly and issues from v1 addressed. Thank you, your team has done a great job; I can’t say how much I appreciate your approach to software development.”
– by Paul Holdom – Gleeson & Cox

Our Process

Our app design and build processes aim to deliver the best mix of industry approaches that, in our experience, enable high quality apps to be produced efficiently, and with lots of client feedback at each stage. To read more see our Software Development Agency process page.


This is extremely variable depending on your requirements; typically the lowest cost apps are around $10,000 and they go upwards from there. Big factors include the amount of functionality in the app, what integrations to other systems it does or doesn’t need and whether or not we need to build a custom ‘back end’ data service for it.

The answer is almost always yes, it’s just a case of how easy or hard the integration is.

Because apps are downloaded from the app stores there is no direct hosting cost for the apps themselves. However, for apps requiring a custom back-end data service that data service does need to be hosted somewhere in the cloud and, if you don’t have an existing service that’s suitable, you may need to subscribe to a service specifically for it.

Typically these days people only build apps for the iOS and Android platforms as other platforms have pretty much died out. So, where this is the case, your apps will only work on devices running those platforms. Some apps are also only designed to be released on tablet or smartphone specifically, however they are the same technically (apart from screen size), so even where this is the case it’s usually easy to adapt for release for both tablets and smartphones.

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