Applicable are custom website developers based in Auckland.
We work closely with you to drive business growth through a well researched web strategy designed around your unique needs.


Our people focused mindset means we’re passionate about UX (User Experience), especially ensuring your online visitors have a seamless and pleasant experience. Our strapline is “Elegant Simplicity”, so we aim to make the complex simple, not the other way around.


We have a comprehensive understanding of the key factors that should be “baked in” to a website build and content strategy in order to make your web pages attractive to Google and other search engines. Geeks call this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


We know your website needs to work for you 24 x 7 without breaks or sick days. Until such time as they have greater worker rights we strive to consistently hold them to this standard.

We only work with best-of-breed products and hosting services, as well as offering proactive maintenance contracts aimed at keeping websites running and secure.


In may cases we work in with your existing marketing people; however for clients without a marketing department or agency partnership, we partner in leading specialists and/or agencies best suited to your needs.

This provides great scope for ensuring the best people are available for each of the myriad of specialist skill sets under this domain.


In today’s world of ubiquitous Smartphones every website needs to be mobile responsive to ensure your audience will have a great experience on all devices …even when they’re crossing the road without looking up from their screen :-/

We’re also experienced building specialised mobile device apps for marketing activations, CX and mobilising business processes.


We love big projects we can really get our developer teeth into. If you need a fully custom website created we can build experiences that are unique to your way of doing business.

You may also need various integrations with other systems and online services; so throw us a challenge
– you’re unlikely to ever hear us say, “impossible”.

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Example Website Projects.


Applicable has been partnering with Sport NZ, the crown entity for sport in New Zealand, since 2012 to provide innovative website and online application solutions focused on governance in the sports sector.


Gleeson & Cox trucks are an everyday sight around Auckland and this over 50YO company was already pumping despite having a website that looked like they had one truck and a dog, rather than a modern fleet of over 100 trucks. We were pleased to work with them to tell their story in a way that showcases the leading edge company they now are in their field


SoundSkills are New Zealand’s leading specialists in Auditory Processing Disorder, being globally at the forefront of research and pioneering therapy in this transformative area of hearing health. It’s been a real pleasure for us to assist in transitioning their web experience to reflect this in a very accessible and friendly way.


Although seemingly straightforward from a user’s perspective this is among the most customised website’s we’ve built, both due to its unique approach to structuring content and also because of the multiple integrations with other systems that were required. An older project now but still very effective in streamlining Amnesty’s back office operation.


PasifikaTV is a New Zealand government initiative, funded by MFAT, with the aim to encouraging stronger relationships in the Pacific region through support of their media sector. Supporting the satellite feeds is this comprehensive custom website plus mobile app to give viewers quick access to the schedule.


LJ Hooker needed to revolutionise user experience (UX) across their many websites and enable greater autonomy for New Zealand marketing staff. Working in conjunction with their Marketing Agency over 2014 and 2015 we created a market leading 80 website set with many highly custom integrations. We remain a trusted partner in the ongoing development and maintenance of these websites.


Often we get asked to take over custom websites where the original vendor is either no longer available or not meeting client needs. In Wendy’s case this meant getting our head into their custom built CMS, moving it to a new host, making it mobile responsive and then handling ongoing development needs from there.


A venture aimed at the market for students finding private tutors. Clean responsive design and ultra-simple UX; some of the interesting parts of this project included geo based search and a chained payments process that enables a cut to the platform owners to be deducted out of payments between third parties.


Although our specialisation is Custom Websites, we do still work with WordPress template based sites like this to create highly effective business and marketing websites at affordable prices.


Just wanted to say that it was so quick and easy to update the website with new content this morning; such a change from the usual process which took a long time, involved a small amount of swearing and usually ended in a phone call to ask for help.

– Joanne Hall
Senior Brand Manager – Wendy’s Hamburgers – Auckland


Just wanted to say that it was so quick and easy to update

“Just wanted to say that it was so quick and easy to update the website with new content this morning; such a change from the usual process which took a long time, involved a small amount of swearing and usually ended in a phone call to ask for help.”
– Joanne Hall – Senior Brand Manager – Wendy’s Hamburgers – Auckland

We had some ambitious projects with tight budgets

“We had some ambitious projects with tight budgets and tighter time frames. Applicable came through for us in their planning, design, implementation and support. Skilled and professional, John and his team are a pleasure to work with. I recommend them without hesitation.”
– Dempsey Woodley – NZEI Te Riu Roa – New zealand

Just a note to let you know we really appreciate

“Just a note to let you know we really appreciate the prompt service and attention to detail we are getting from your company. Our Google ratings have improved out of sight too. Keep up the good work!”
– Lloyd Darroch – Aakron Boats – Auckland

Supported CMS’s

Applicable are specialists in working with best-of-breed Content Management Systems (CMS’s) such as WordPress, Drupal, Silverstripe and, for those Microsoft centric folk out there, Umbraco CMS. Feel free to ask about others though; for large enough projects we can adapt to most open source systems.


Applicable creates high-quality professional websites that start from around $4,000 + GST for a business website, or around $9,000 + GST for an eCommerce website. Every project is different though and we have a lot of experience in highly customised websites for private companies, NFP’s and crown entities.  So price is dependent on how much customisation you require on top of implementing standard website components, templates and plug-in’s. We mostly sit in the $5,000 – $50,000 range, but have done extremely customised websites up to around $250,000.

We service all of New Zealand, with clients currently in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Invercargill. Our offices are in Auckland, however the nature of websites mean we can easily communicate with you remotely. In fact we do at times also serve overseas clients which is just as easy, apart from timezone differences.

We have a strong understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practice and implement this in our website builds. SEO is a matter of degree and we can work with you on your goals and with your budget to help build up your organic rankings, analysing, fine-tuning content and so forth. We can advise you on good SEO strategy and also on areas of this you can implement yourself if you wish.

Yes, all our websites are built with CMS’s (Content Management Systems) and generally you can edit all body text and headings, and all recurring content types such as articles, FAQ’s, testimonials, etc. Our friendly team are always available to work with you on any customisations and further development you need.

We are WordPress and Drupal specialists, but also currently do work in Silverstripe and Concrete5. Our developers can work with pretty much any PHP/MySQL based CMS. On the Microsoft side we have done some work with Umbraco CMS.

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