Why you need BPM (Business Process Management) software in your business

Custom BPM software and cloud applications have many advantages over off the shelf products when you are trying to automate your workflow processes.  The holy grail of an off the shelf solution that takes care of your entire workflow just does not exist. There are many products

Uninstalled! How to avoid this fate for your App

A study conducted by Google just over three years ago found that the more usable an App is, the higher engagement will be and the less chance there will be of an uninstall. Sounds obvious, yet, how many Apps have you uninstalled in the last year? Clearly

Mobile App Development – Product/Market fit

Here at Applicable, being New Zealand app and software development specialists, we are often approached by people who have an idea for an App. They have often been inspired by their own frustrations in their industry or another aspect of their life. Whilst we have a passion

Top 5 ways to optimise your website

New Zealand is a country that is run by small to medium sized businesses. Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting the business or making a purchase with them. Therefore as a small business, investing in your website is crucial. This

Future-up or bust

In this article we will be looking at how automating your business processes through digital transformation will propel you into the future. This is the most disruptive time our business community has probably ever encountered. Some industries have completely lost their customer base, however the question we