Case study – The Carbon Natural app

Carbon Natural – How a New Zealand app is driving sustainable development Many New Zealanders share a passion for clean, green outdoor spaces and want to live in a country that is on the forefront of conserving the natural world. One of the most valuable assets we

UX/UI Mobile App Trends in 2020

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are a growing field in mobile app design. Now that most of us conduct our lives on our smartphones, mobile app designers need to have good UX principles at the heart of their development. An app is only as good

The benefits of using boutique app development agency

There are many advantages to hiring a boutique app development company. At Applicable we believe that the word “boutique”encompasses the type of agency we are. There are many different types of agencies to choose from when you are starting a mobile app development project. From the lone

Why digital strategies can fail

You’re thinking of putting together a digital strategy for your business. Before you do, its important to know what hasn’t worked for others in the past. This way you can avoid common pitfalls in your planning and implementation of a digital strategy. Don’t do it just to

Digital Strategy – plan for your success today

Digital strategy is emerging to become crucial for any business to reach full potential and success both now and in the future. Companies must start to understand today what new technology is emerging. Many of these new technologies will create customer service experiences that will become completely 

Building an app for your business – iOS or Android?

So you’ve read our previous blog about the mobile app business revolution and you’ve decided to build one. You’ve come to the right place! As local Auckland app developers¬† we have a lot of experience in both platforms and have definite preferences depending on what your NZ

The Mobile App Business Revolution

Mobile Apps developed for small and medium sized businesses are beginning to become increasingly common. For small to medium size businesses you may not of realised yet the power of streamlining processes with an App tailored to your industry and business needs. By 2020, global mobile app

How custom software development can help you pivot your business.

In these unprecedented times software development may be the key to pivot your business to meet a new market. A pivot is essentially a shift in business strategy to test a new approach regarding a business model. There are hundreds of business right now that are having

App Development – what’s happening in 2020

There is never a dull moment in App Development! As an industry it is constantly evolving and apps are an ever increasing part of our everyday lives. So what can we expect to be happening in apps in 2020 and beyond! IOT – Internet of things Say

Website development – Lets talk about SEO!

Lets talk about your website development project and how you get your site ranking on the holy grail of the first page of organic results! When it comes to marketing your business, nothing is as effective as ranking well on google. After all, its a constant way