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Choosing a mobile app development company? 5 things to consider…


It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right company for your mobile app development project! There may be pages of results when you search for a development agency on the web. However,  every company will be slightly different. This guide gives you some factors to consider when choosing the right agency for your project.


In this era of remote working, the location of your mobile app development company may not matter at all. However, if you are wanting to develop an app that targets a specific market in your country, you may prefer to choose a company based in the same location as you. They will have a better understanding of the specific features your app may need to have and what will suit your target audience. You will also possibly have the chance to have in person meetings and sometimes that can be extremely valuable when developing repore and communication. It is also a good idea to find out if they are using local developers, or outsourcing their work to another company entirely.


When choosing a mobile app development company, price shouldn’t be the most important thing. If you want a well-built and successful app then choosing a company with a high level of expertise is crucial. There should be a number of highly experienced developers in the company so that you are reassured your project is being built to high industry standards and the code will be robust and free of bugs.


It is important that you choose a developer that can build a mobile app for the platform you are choosing to release it to. Or if you are wanting it to be released to both iOS and android platforms then you need to make sure the agency you choose are cross-platform developers.  Have a look at this article about the differences between the iOS and android platforms.


When spending time and money developing your app, you want to make sure your project is protected. From secure storage of code while your app development project is in progress, to ensuring you have the right security protecting your app from being hacked after it has been released. Applicable adhere to high-security standards, as we have built many applications for government organisations.

Maintenance and support

A good app development company will be engaged with your product and actively offer support and maintenance. You may agree in advance a maintenance program or you may just work on a more ad-hoc basis as you need things. Applicable offer on going support and maintenance to our customers.  Customer service is at the heart of what we do.

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