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Security In Custom Software And App Development

Security is important
Emerging Trend in Software and App Development in 2023: Priority of Security for User Data

You may have noticed increased security breaches of websites and software in the last couple of years. Today we are looking at why a trend we are seeing a lot this year is that security is front of mind for clients, their customers and our developers here at Applicable. As our lives become increasingly digital, the importance of data security cannot be overstated. Read more to be informed of what this trend entails, why it is crucial and why if you are about to embark on a digital project or in the process of one, security should be a priority.

What is Heightened Security in Software and App Development?

Heightened security in software and app development refers to the implementation of robust measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, breaches, and malicious activities. It encompasses techniques such as encryption, secure authentication, data anonymization, and adherence to privacy regulations.


The importance of security

1️⃣ Protection of Personal Information: App users today share vast amounts of personal information, including names, addresses, financial details, and even biometrics. Heightened security ensures this sensitive data remains confidential and out of the hands of cybercriminals.

2️⃣ Trust and User Confidence: Data breaches and privacy scandals have eroded user trust in recent years. By prioritizing security, app developers demonstrate their commitment to protecting user information, fostering trust, and enhancing user confidence.

3️⃣ Legal Compliance: Governments worldwide have enacted stringent privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Adhering to these regulations is not just a legal requirement but also an ethical obligation for developers, ensuring they handle user data responsibly and transparently.

4️⃣ Mitigating Financial Losses: Data breaches can have severe financial repercussions for businesses. Heightened security measures reduce the risk of breaches, avoiding potential financial losses, lawsuits, and reputational damage.

5️⃣ Protecting Reputations: App developers understand the importance of maintaining a positive reputation. A security breach can tarnish a company’s image, leading to customer churn and a loss of business. Prioritizing security helps protect the reputation of both the app and the developer.


User Expectations

App and software users today are more aware and concerned about data security than ever before. They expect their personal information to be handled responsibly and protected from unauthorized access. Recent high-profile breaches have heightened awareness about privacy risks, making users increasingly cautious about the apps they choose to install and trust with their data.


Developer Perspectives

App and software developers recognize that data security is a fundamental aspect of their responsibility. Beyond legal compliance, they understand that prioritizing security is essential for building trust with users, and ensuring the long-term success and viability of their apps. Robust security measures are integrated into the development process to proactively identify vulnerabilities and protect user data from evolving threats.


Applicable has developed robust processes around the security of the products we build and platforms we have built have undergone rigorous testing. Our developers are constantly learning and honing their skills in this area. If you want to reach out and chat about this topic or anything else, flick me a message on LinkedIn and let’s talk!