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UX/UI Mobile App Trends in 2020


UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are a growing field in mobile app design. Now that most of us conduct our lives on our smartphones, mobile app designers need to have good UX principles at the heart of their development. An app is only as good as its usability.

So what trends in this area have we seen emerging in 2020?

Human-centred approach

When apps first starting being developed for the original smartphones they were very system orientated. The field of UX wasn’t widely known or considered by developers. They simply created apps to fix a need or want. Design principals began to emerge and apps began to look good, however, they were still weren’t very human-focused. Over time app developers have discovered the value of UX and this has now become a specialised field in its own right. Developers have been forced to put humans at the centre of the design, because, well otherwise their app would fail in its purpose.

Animated illustrations

The rise of animating illustrations is very noticeable in 2020. They can really enhance user experience in a creative way. For example, a meal prep app might have animated illustrations of the step in the process. Or you may animate a button so it’s very clear what its purpose is. This may take more time but the rewards will pay off in the users’ enjoyment of the experience. As with everything that you decide to integrate into the interface of your app, you need to make sure it is still a functional element and not just there to look pretty.

Micro Intentions

Micro Intentions are in every app you use, whether you know it or not. In fact, if you don’t know it, they are doing their job! They are the tiny little things you do in an app when you are completing an action. They are elements that guide and give you feedback in the short term while you are navigating your way around. It might be a simple next button or a button that shows an x on it when you hover over it. These types of micro intentions are called “feedback animations”. Little animations that happen as you use that app that give you feedback on what you can do and where you can go. I’m sure that 2020 will continue to show us many more evolutions of the use of micro intentions.

AI-Driven Chatbots

As chatbot technology improves the use of chatbots in apps will continue to increase. For a user, it can be an added tool for finding out information quickly or putting you in touch with someone who can help easily. Say goodbye to the old FAQ section on an app! This kind of feature is particularly helpful for service-based apps. Say any kind of online store, hotel and accommodation booking apps and food services. Personally, I’ve engaged with chatbots in apps more this year than ever before!

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