Applicable utilizes best-of-breed low code / no code application development solutions to deliver cloud applications, mobile apps and MBaaS (Mobile back-end as a service) where requirements fit the capability of existing platforms.
No code application development

No code platforms provide easy to use tools that enable non-developers to create custom software experiences quickly without coding. They generally enable people to create data models, workflows, pages and other configurable components to quickly put together custom applications. Some of these products are geared towards enterprise level customers, whilst others are better suited to smaller businesses.

A key question when considering no-code solutions is whether it can sit in the provider’s cloud environment (usually on a SaaS basis), or whether it will need deploying within a private cloud environment. Obviously it’s also important to assess whether the platform can meet the functional requirements of the intended application.

Low code application development

Low code development platforms have a similar aim to no code ones, but are often designed for use by more technically capable users, including developers in some cases. They may incorporate no code elements as well or be purely code based. Either way they deliver tools to speed up the coding of custom applications. Again these can be SaaS based or deployable, so deployment requirements need to be considered.

Low code / No code app development

The options for low code / no code mobile app development are currently more limited, both in number of providers and results. Currently only fairly formulaic apps can be created, however this can serve well for standard in-house uses.

Bear in mind though that you can create a fully bespoke mobile app experience and still speed up development time but utilising an MBaaS solution (see below).

Mobile back-end as a service

As with all of these rapid application development tools, MBaaS solutions have their limitations and aren’t suitable for all projects. However, where requirements make it possible, MBaaS solutions can enable app projects to be delivered at much greater speed, at least to a proof-of-concept or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) level. Generally once an app is proven it’s still best to build a bespoke back-end to handle scaling and more specific business needs and integrations.


Whilst fully custom coded application development is going to be around for a long time to come, increasingly we are heading towards a world where many custom applications will be based on no code or low code platforms, and extended from there to meet more bespoke requirements. This is an emerging space that Applicable is continuously exploring; please feel free to reach out to us to discuss the best fit for your requirements.

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