Our MD, John Halvorsen-Jones, has over 30 years’ experience in tech spanning multiple disciplines, and working across many industry sectors. He is uniquely positioned to help mid-market companies research, design, initiate and run both digital transformation and new product journeys.

New product development

John has a passion for finding pockets of kiwi innovation, digging into people’s ideas, helping to further shape and position them, then designing highly intuitive web applications, mobile apps or other digital products to realize the vision.

When providing product focused vCTO services, we do so without any pressure to use Applicable’s software development services. John’s focus is on helping your organization to:

  • Clearly articulate the problem or idea
  • Get close up to users in order to deeply understand their world
  • Assess product-market fit and competition (for external products)
  • Turn ideas into specific product designs
  • Assess technology pathways for best fit and identify risks
  • Help find the right person to be the product owner, internally or externally
  • Assist in any preparation to attract external funding
  • Provide initial advice around IP ownership
  • Provide appropriate structures to run and monitor the project
  • Help with talent attraction and selection
  • Kick off and run the project


Following new product design, acting as the Product Owner can be an option where you have not identified a suitable Product Owner in-house and cannot yet justify employing someone into the role.

A vCTO acting as Product Owner will:

  • Own the vision developed with stakeholders
  • Assist with product strategy
  • Act as a liaison between the business and developers & other vendors
  • Translate business requirements to technical requirements
  • Proactively manage the project and report on progress
  • Control project budgets
  • Help solve any problems that arise
  • Assist with UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
  • Advise on roll-out and support requirements

Digital business transformation consulting

For our general thinking on this, see our page about Digital Business Transformation which provides ideas on where value can be created, and puts forward questions you can ask to uncover opportunities within your organization.

Building on this John can provide our Digital Strategy package to delve into your specific needs, research your market and industry, develop his own insights and provide a clear strategy to move your organization forward.

Having achieved transformative results for several large mid-market companies over recent years John’s consulting in this area is grounded in highly practical experience. Please feel free to get in touch regarding this or other consulting services, by phone or via our Get in Touch form below.