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Why digital strategies can fail


You’re thinking of putting together a digital strategy for your business. Before you do, it’s important to know what hasn’t worked for others in the past. This way you can avoid common pitfalls in your planning and implementation of a digital strategy.

Don’t do it just to be “trendy”

Digital transformation is buzz word right now. Everyone is using it and wanting to jump on board. However the first thing you need to do to ensure your success is to know why are you embarking on this journey. What are your goals and how exactly do you want your customers journey/experience to be changed. Understanding this from the beginning is essential in order to avoid unnecessary, costly and time consuming changes.

Unclear goals and budget

In every major change in a business it is important to set clear, measurable goals. If you don’t have a goal that you can easily measure the success of you won’t know if your strategy succeeded or failed. In conjunction with this it is important every time you begin a change in a business to have a budget in mind.

Employees not on board

The best strategy in the world can fail if your employees have not bought into your ideas and the reasons change was needed. Change management is critical in order to create a smooth transition when implementing your digital strategy. You may of created new systems that are digital and then your staff refuse to use them and don’t want to change the processes they were used to.

No clear measurement

You’ve created a digital strategy, you’ve implemented it and its all been running smoothly. Or has it? Have you got clear measurements in place to see what your ROI (return on investment) is. Knowing this will tell you what is working and what might need to be tweaked. Ways of doing this may be; customer feedback, analytics on your website, returning customers, higher profit margins and lower costs.


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